Commissioned work
Yes, I do take commissions. Over the years I have done tons of illustrations, jacket + editorial design, along with technical supervision and art direction. Feel free to inquire about your project.

Below: Some Film + production visuals. These involve creature, production, setdec and mood concepts for major streamers and TV/movie production companies such as Amazon Studios, Sky, ARD/ZDF  etc.


Examples of cover + editorial illustration

Thron_der_welt_700px Hoellendm_72   Sternenkrone_1000px Legio_1200px 1914_07_1000pxLem_1200px Weimar_Quadrat_800px  

Youth media stuff

Kohlenkinder_1_800px  Kohlenkinder_5_750px  ToteHeide_03_1200px Kindersoldaten_700px Pio_Obi_01a

Things and thongs. More detail and insights in the projects section

Angst_Tarot_JMW_web  Libropolis_Karte_1200px Tiefseekarte_APM_1020px Karte_INNEN_RZ_frei_rgb Sternenkrone_Vignette_1200px