Die Krone der Sterne


This was another cooperation with german fantasy writer Kai Meyer. He wanted a graphic intro for his new book, just like the work that Heinz Edelmann did for Klett-Cotta in the eighties.
We did a lot of mutual consulting while developing a visual line for his baroque scifi world which is driven by age old technology and is under the rule of a religious empire and ruthless guilds and corporations. We invented guns, spacecraft, fashion and the general policy of looks, omitting characters, who (in my opinion) shouldn’t be visually depicted in a work of literature.
I adopted a vignette and a color pattern for the cover design and went on to work things out with the editor.
Below are some glimpses of the material – not an exhaustive collection, but probably enough to get the idea.

KDS_Front_sans_typo_900px KDS_Klappe_vorne_1000px KDS_Klappe_hinten_1000px KDS_Paladine_900px piloten_screenshot sk_003_cockpit_greifer_1200px so_12_1200px szene_iniza_03a_skizze_900px SK_009_Greiferpilot