Libropolis map

Libropolis is a mirrored reality in Kai Meyer’s best selling trilogy „Die Seiten der Welt“.
I was contracted for the map and some minor artwork to be used in the campaign designed for the book launch.
Since I had no chance to read the tomes in advance (Kai has an inclination towards 400+ pages) we first had to assess a style, the architecture and of all things the proper perspective.
It’s all isometric now, for technical reasons.
The third book consisted of a trailer and a browser game. For convenience it is filed along with the rest below.
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Libropolis_Sketch_1 Libropolis_Screenshot_WIP_1000px Libropolis_Karte_detail_03 Libropolis_Karte_detail_02 Libropolis_Karte_detail_01 portalschiff_1200px blutbuch_werkstatt_skizze_600pxx blutbuch_werkstatt_VZ_1000px

Part of the online experience was a point and click game in Cassius‘ attic laboratory.
You can’t click it here – just stare at the damnable detail…


Collage of the trailer sequences by animation artist Gerald Grunow:

„Die Seiten Der Welt“ – animated illustration from Gerald Grunow on Vimeo.